Our Capabilities? Beyond Full-service

Our approach to research starts with listening to our clients, understanding the issues that need to be answered, and then developing a highly customized research approach that is absolutely certain to meet the information objectives, in a very cost-effective way.

CORE INSIGHTS offers a very wide range of high-tech, business-to-business, and consumer market research capabilities, including:

Customer experience research
Telephone surveys
Online surveys
Mail-returned surveys
Concept development research
Price elasticity & sales forecasting
Brand positioning research
Segementation & Targeting
Secondary data analysis
New product development
Customer loyalty & retention studies
Home use tests
Retail store merchandising studies
Mystery shopping
Full focus groups and mini-groups

Our claim to offer capabilities “beyond full-service” describes our ability to help you develop and refine an excellent request for proposal (RFP) before it goes out to firms you might want to contact for your research. With our extensive client-side experience we can help you draft an RFP that will effectively identify the right research methods for the research issue(s) at hand, helping you determine the right budget and make the right contractor choice for the research you need. We are happy to do this at absolutely no cost to you!

Within each of the capabilities listed, we know that it is imperative for us to consistently deliver information that is more reliable and more in-depth than the information supplied by other research firms. We often conduct mixed-methodology studies, where a traditional research method (such as an online survey), is augmented by conducting more detailed, in-depth follow-up research such as highly-targeted mini-groups, one-on-one CORE INTERVIEWS, or ethnographies.

Bottom Line: It is our CORE INTERVIEWING techniques used in surveys, focus groups, one-on-ones, and ethnographies that makes us different and better than other research firms.